Information about Ancestry DNA testing and Genealogy

Wish to know more about your ancestry? Discover your own genealogy? Ancestry DNA testing is available to help you learn more about your ancestry and genealogy. In fact, we all wish to know more about our roots, whether we seek just a general idea of our ethnic ornative origins or investigating our relationship to people we suspect may be related to us.

If you are thinking of doing an ancestry DNA test the following information should help you.

Your Family Tree

Want to learn more about your ancestry?

The ancestry DNA test

When DNA testing companies offer ancestry DNA testing they are referring to a very specific test that is designed to link you to your biogenetic origins. This test is normally done by means of a simple mouth swab and will provide a rather general overview of your ancestral origins.

DNA testing companies will extract your profile and compare it to a vast database to locate matches with different ethnic regions and populations. This type of DNA test will not link you to any specific individuals but provide information about your origins that will take you back centuries or millenniums.


Ancestral Origins, paternal & maternal lineage

The tests normally offered include an ancestral origins test which provides a general overview of ancient ancestry or DNA tests that hone in one specific aspects of your ancestry.

These latter examples include paternity lineage testing and maternal lineage testing. These types of ancestry tests examine specific regions on human DNA which are known as Hyper variable region I (HV1) and Hyper variable region II (Hv2).

Searching for ancestors & genealogy research

The most obvious place to begin is your family itself- you might be surprised at what members of your family know about your family tree and genealogy that you do not. Old family photos might being coming out, names, stories and people.  Your genealogy may start looking clearer.

Ancestry DNA Testing

Your Ancestry: It’s in your DNA

Besides ancestry testing, you also have the possibility of doing some genealogy research to get a clearer picture of your family tree. It is unlikely you will have a complete family tree going back hundreds of years- If you did, you would not be reading this website.

National archives, public registries, parish churches and hospitals are just some of the places you can begin looking it.

Of course, genealogy research can be extremely time consuming and even expensive. Some online companies can help you trace your ancestry.


Results for ancestry testing

For such tests as ancestry DNA tests, results are very detailed and are plotted on a map. You will also have a lot of accompanying information that will help you fully understand your results and the way migration patterns evolved and to which parts different ethnic groups moved on the globe. You may well be surprised at your origins! Ancestry DNA testing and genealogy research is a vast world about you waiting to be discovered.